Modern American Nobel Prize winners, neurophysiologists have sperry research proved the man's left brain for brain "language", the left brain is in charge of logical reasoning and calculation function; Side of the brain is "music" brain, right brain is in charge of image thinking, music, image, color and function of spatial location, etc. The brain's ability to handle complex relationship is far better than the left brain.

    Practice has proved that the Nobel Prize winner is mostly developed right brain type, Einstein is one of them. Einstein's interest in music and physics, as people love the air, rain and sunshine. Einstein's life, took part in the various forms of the concert, the many music activities, development of Einstein's brain - the music brain, expand the ability of his brain, the great achievements. Famous psychologist Lawrence stressed: only when the brain's right hemisphere is "music brain", fully get used to a more creative. Human intelligence is the rational use of left and right brain and coordinated development. Physiological studies have also shown that is often neglected development and utilization of the brain is the source of invention and innovation. As a result, many scientists in the world "right" questions, so that the left and right hemispheres of the brain function get balance, coordinated development.

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    When listening to the music, just discover oneself can more perceptual, wandering thoughts always seems to be associated with the notes away, through such as flow years. In our emotional world, music is the most easy to arouse the resonance of the mind. Music is a kind of magical things, we believe that the charm of music!

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Full engagement, working on innovation

Threw herself into her work is a kind of life attitude, only through long time hard work, to sharpen the mind, will have the massive personality, composed and not swing in their life. It is important to be aggressive, not content with the status quo, dare to self-criticism, continuous self-improvement.


Gold mentality, self in the face

"Mentality has gold can be more valuable than gold, because it is the power of the Midas touch." Everything has a good foundation for success, attitude towards the things directly affect the result, a person's work attitude reflected the attitude towards life, and life attitude determines success of life.


Virtue generous, study good at thinking

Set up the correct outlook on life and values, tolerant and open-minded character, modest style of work, noble, pure, have the moral sentiment, good for others.


Team first, in the implementation

The team "what will matter is not I, but we"! The growth and development of the enterprise, depends on the joint efforts of all staff, unity is the key to winning. Only has the team spirit, can better realize their potential and take the bull by the horns, invincible!


Gratitude co-prosperity, unity

Thanksgiving is a benefit to responsibility, a kind of unrequited consciousness and dedication. Everyone should have a grateful heart, will be handed to the others, enthusiasm for life experience and learning the way of life, the way of life, learned to Thanksgiving, find more beautiful.


Big love, achievement enterprise foundation

To deepen the enterprise governance, Confucianism to follow cultural inheritance, improve the occasion. In seeking long-term stable development, and also give consideration to social effects, abide by the management ethics, reasonable use of resources, a new management model, to give back to society.


On the road, we note you, look for persistent fellow travelers.

We dream and together, we dream struggle!