Name:Mr. Liu
Message content:How some video cannot play, such as, for example, how to solve.
Reply content:Hello, suffix xv of the video file is a thunderbolt players cache files, these files can only be opened directly in thunderbolt player play, recommended download avi, mp4, FLV format video playback.
Name:Miss zhou
Message content:Is there a service in nanjing? Also want to know about the 3 rooms 2 hall ordinary household scheme and quotation, thank you!
Reply content:Hello, nanjing with our partners, we will arrange business people to contact with you as soon as possible.
Name:Mr. Li
Message content:Your company send a batch of goods to our company, customer feedback is good after using. Especially want to learn more about your company under all kinds of products, in order to long-term cooperation
Reply content:Li, thank you very much, you must be our biggest motivation, product information has been sent to your mailbox, business will contact you later.