In 2017,

Turnright on December 1, 2017 held in hangzhou on smart home industry annual festival CSHIA, turn right background music product won the Chinese intelligent household industry CSHIA product innovation.

Family background music industry, turn right shipments rose 32% year-on-year, continuous steady growth, leading the family background music industry development.

Turnright to participate in the 2017 Amsterdam in the Netherlands, audio-visual and system integration of science and technology exhibition, expand overseas markets, business cover many countries and regions in the world, on September right with luxuriant appearance at the Shanghai international exhibition of intelligent building new products.

Turnright turn right independent research and development of 52 background music controller, industry first adopts the design of turbine a handle knob, inheriting the traditional tuning design, actually very easy to use and powerful, stable system, market a piece of praise.

Turnright background music controller 85, after more than two years of optimization software, hardware, plug and play, no need to wiring. Smell its voice only, not its form.

Intelligent household union network of 2017 year China won the background music of China top ten famous brand.


In 2016,

In 2016 in guangdong province high and new technology enterprises in the first list, right to declare success as a national high and new technology enterprise (certificate number: GR201644201167).

Right product at the well, turn right on the new endless trumpet right 164, turn right, 165, a right turn 166.

A right to participate in the Hong Kong electronics fair (autumn in September to expand overseas markets and the Shanghai international exhibition of intelligent buildings.

August right technology join shenzhen high-tech industry association member units. Is the government departments at all levels to turn right in recent years in technology innovation, the core independent intellectual property rights, the achievements of science and technology talent training, etc, are fully recognized.

May turn right a batch of science and technology software copyright application is successful.

In 2016 won the title of China's security industry quality suppliers.

Turn right 2016 science and technology become the intelligent household industry association member units.

In 2016 won the Chinese intelligent household union network ten well-known brands.


In 2015,

Hotel companies, real estate, intelligent household industry background music controller quality suppliers.

In 2015 won the intelligent household brand survey the media here, star certification business.

In 2015 won the Chinese intelligent household union network ten well-known brands.

Right to participate in the consumer electronics show in Berlin, Germany.


In 2014,

A horn r&d production branch, and developed many suitable for background music controller horn, be highly recognized in the industry.

Chengdu music community use right YZ50 background music controller products.

More hotels using right YZ50 YZ60, YZ70, background music controller used in guest room background music.


In 2013,

Combining with the industry demand, integration of a variety of installation and beautiful degree, a right smart pioneered the use of stainless steel scaffolding installation in the industry,

And developed many background music controller products.


In 2012,

Hc360 2012 intelligent household industry right won 10 background music brand of science and technology.


In 2011,

The industry's first android background music host, turn right yz300 android background music host market sales, the android system enriches the music resources, power supply, power amplifier,

Control integrated into an organic whole, touch. And apply for a number of new patent certificate, the software copyright certificate.


In 2010,

Turn right form r&d branch, shenzhen technology development co., LTD., independent research and development android music host.


In 2009,

The industry's first touch background music host 172 crystal glass panel. Domestic first put the power supply, power amplifier and control integration.


In 2008,

The industry's first use of switch power supply, the HOST USB, SD card, AUX, class D power amplifier highly integrated on a single HOST family background music 86 panel.